Learn how to breed and brood your specific species of duck. It can make all the difference to you having a flock of happy and healthy birds.

Exotic ducks are not acclimatized to live in a domestic environment like domestic ducks. Many generations bred in captivity and used to breed in nest boxes and not the wild settle in and will provide eggs year after year.

If this is not happening something is wrong and needs correcting. You can contact us via the form on our Contacts Page for further information or download one of the eBooks on Breeding Exotic Ducks and Building Ponds and Bio- Filters (Coming soon).

The breeding habits of ornamental ducks vary much more than domestics. Some will pair for life, take one mate per season, or take many mates. Some species (like the mandarin and wood duck) will often breed in a group of three.

Ducksworld deals only with exotic ducks.

For anyone wanting to start an exotic duck collection a little research is needed before beginning. A suitable space has to be allocated for the venture and the size of the pond and number of ducks has to be determined.

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