Indigenous species

Cape Teal


If you live in South Africa like us and you want to keep some of the 16 indigenous species like Yellow Bill, Hottentot Teal, Cape Teal, Red Bill Teal, Fulvous Whistling, White Faced Whistling ducks etc. you will have to apply for a keeping permit from Nature Conservation.

This could seem to be a daunting task because not all the provinces follow the same procedure in issuing permits. Here in Gauteng you only need to phone (011) 355-1207. They will fax you an application form. It takes up to 2 weeks in which time Nature Conservation will come and inspect your duck pen. It seems the most important criteria are – enough clean water (running water is even better), enough nest boxes, enough shade and a good ratio of per sq. meters land and water per pair. Nature Conservation will then issue you with a ‘keeping’ permit which is valid for 2 years and costs R100.00. You will also need a ‘transfer’ permit for an extra R50.00 which allows you to transfer your new ducks from your supplier/breeder.

Note that the person you buy from MUST have a valid permit as you will have to indicate his name, address and permit number on your transfer application. For people in other provinces of South Africa – you need to contact your local Nature Conservation offices to get the details.

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