About Ducksworld

Welcome to Ducksworld. This is the place where you can see how we breed and raise exotic ducks in a secure environment. We started about five years ago with a few Carolinas (Wood Duck) and Mandarins, and as a result of successfully breeding these, we decided to start breeding on a much larger scale. Setting aside about an acre of our smallholding and surrounding it with electric fencing we set about the task of building pens, ponds, an incubator room, raising boxes and growing pens.

The photo below shows the start of our first pen that consisted of four ponds and everything enclosed under hail netting. You will find that the enclosing of the pens is a necessity when you start feeding ducks on a large scale otherwise you will get all the birds in the neighbourhood feeding off the duck food which increases cost significantly.

Duck pen

We will provide details of construction techniques, tips and tricks as we update the Ducksworld WEB site. We have also learnt many things the hard way and have gathered together a wealth of experience that we will highlight in the WEB site.

From the single pen and ponds we started with, a number more have since been constructed as our stock of ducks grew. We allow natural hatchings, however the majority of the raising is done in incubators for reasons we will cover in the technical section of this site. Our ducks have bred successfully now for a number of years and we are continually selling everything we have available.

Apart from the breeding of exotic ducks we involve ourselves in the trading of ducks and work with other breeders in this regard. Many of our clients take ducks to have as a hobby at home. We will certainly assist in this regard with advice and tips.

Exotic ducks are wonderful creatures and there is nothing more peaceful than having a sun-downer while watching your ducks gracefully enjoy their pond.